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Hauskolloquium Hemmenhofen: The Seascapes project: Investigating the emergence and diffusion of the Bell Beaker phenomenon in the Western Mediterranean

Dr. Eve Derenne, VIAS, Universität Wien

The Seascapes project—a bilateral collaboration between Austria and the UK (2022–2025, PIs Assoc. Prof. M. Ivanova- Bieg, University of Vienna, Assoc. Prof. L. Cramp, University of Bristol)—investigates the origins and large-scale dynam-ics of early maritime connectivity in the Mediterranean during the Bell Beaker period (3rd millennium BCE).

The origins of the Bell Beaker phenomenon, thought by some to be located in Iberia, have been debated for decades. However, the poor chronological resolution and consequent lack of cross-regional timescales have strongly limited scholarly interpretations on this topic. As a result, the emergence of the phenomenon and the networks that fostered its spread across the Mediterranean remain obscure in many respects.

This presentation will detail how Seascapes plans to remediate some of these issues by (1) conducting a large-scale radiocarbon dating and Bayesian modelling programme that will include, for the first time, compound-specific radio-carbon dating of pottery-absorbed fatty acids extracted from the emblematic Bell Beakers, and (2) building chrono-spatial models focusing on the dynamics of emergence and spread of the phenomenon using newly generated and compiled chronological, cultural, dietary and environmental evidence.



Onlinevortrag mit ZOOM von 10:30 – 12:00 Uhr

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