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Hauskolloquium Hemmenhofen: Overcooked: A catalogue of the Neolithic food crusts of Sipplingen and the establishment of a system of diagnostic metrics specific to the classification of food crusts

- 22.02.24

10:30-12:00 Uhr

Referent: Jessi Berndt, Institute for Archaeological Sciences, University Tübingen


This project focuses on using archaeobotanical evidence and its integration into artefactual, contextual, and experimental input to obtain novel insight into the prehistoric technologies for production of fermented beverages, breads, porridge, and how we identify their process and production in the context of Alpine foreland prehistoric settlements in South West Germany. This is being done via a systematic study of “food crusts” from Sipplingen (n=74) to recognize processing traits related to their creation, to explore the possibility of fermentation practices, and finally to achieve a reconstruction of the applied food technology. This will establish valuable datasets, and place this research in perspectives for further research. Current progress is in the establishment of a consistent system for the collection of diagnostic metrics usable for the classification of food crusts in the initial cataloguing of material to contribute to the publication of Sipplingen volume lll. These basic categories of observation will be used to inform further study of the material using experimental archaeology. 

The presentation takes place in English.

Der Vortrag wird auf englisch gehalten.


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