Hauskolloquium Hemmenhofen: Early and Middle Holocene evidence of fibre-based production in Iberia. Researching the early use of plant fibres.

- 04.06.24

10:30-12:00 Uhr

Referentin: Maria Herrero Otal, Laboratory of Archeaobotany, Department of Prehistory - Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) Barcelona, SPAIN


This research is part of a doctoral thesis that focuses on the taxonomic identification of plant fibres used in the production of basketry and cordage objects, as well as the treatments to which they were subjected during prehistoric times. The materials included in this study represent some of the most extensive sets of the earliest evidence for the use of plant fibres from th eastern Iberian Peninsula, Preserved under different preservation conditions: The dehydrated materials from the Mesolithic-Early Neolithic site of Cueva de los Murcelélagos (7986-3740 cal BC; Albunol, Granada), the dehydrated-carbonised materials from the Early Neolithic site of Coves del Fem (6065-4545 cal BC; Ulldemolins, Tarragona) and the waterlogged and carbonised materials from the Early Neolithic pile-dwelling site of La Draga (5207-4862 cal BC; Banyoles, Girona).


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