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Hauskolloquium Hemmenhofen: An overview: 45 years since the beginning of underwater archaeological research in the bay in front of the mouth of the Ropotamo River, Bulgaria

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kalin Dimitrov und Pavel Georgiev (PhD candidate) – Center for Underwaterarcheology, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

The archaeological site "Ropotamo" was discovered accidentally during a dredging attempt in the early 1970s. A total of 11 archaeological seasons have been realized so far: during the first stage (1982 - 1989) the work was led by Prof. Ivan Karayotov from the Burgas Archaeological Museum, and during the second (2017 - 2020) - by Kalin Dimitrov from NAIM – BAS and CUA.
Initially, interest was focused on the rich finds, mainly red lacquer pottery from LA. In the course of the research, it became clear that the site presents materials from the Late Archaic period to the Late Middle Ages. It has been interpreted as an important historical port.
In 1989, during the excavation of trench. „0“, remains of a settlement from the Early Bronze Age were found: wooden posts, remains of a building, pottery. With this unexpected discovery, the site's chronology was extended by over 3 millennia and it becomes one of the most interesting on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.
After a hiatus in the researches after 1989, excavations have been resumed in 2017 with a focus on the prehistoric settlement and the environmental changes from the 4th millennium BC to the present day. During these excavations, 4 archaeological trenches were studied. The stratigraphy of the site was precisely documented, dendrochronological, sediment and 14C samples were collected. Important observations have been made regarding sea level change.
In 2020 under the remains of the settlement from the Early Bronze Age, in an environment of terrestrial sediments, materials from the Late Neolithic were found, making Ropotamo the site with the earliest finds discovered under water in Bulgaria.



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